Old Joinery books and woodworking plans

I love books and I love making all manner of things out of timber, so what could possibly be better than old joinery books?

I say old joinery books, as the newer ones, in my opinion, are ok and do the job, however, the older books cover a much broader range of woodwork than the current ones – take Ecclesiastical work or bridge building, for example, which I love reading about.

Things, however, move on and this is indeed mirrored in the joinery books I had for college, which at the basic level covered woodworking joints, tools etc; then First, Second and Final fix joinery; and then in the Advanced Craft Stage of my City and Guilds workshop joinery and machining.

I’m starting to build up a bit of a collection of the older books; it all started when my dad presented me with his series of carpentry and joinery books, from his time as an apprentice in the 1960s, when I first started at college in the early 1990s. He gave me them after flicking through my series of three books and not being very impressed, with what was covered by the lack of depth to the lacking content.

Some of my old joinery books

Ted Westie swotting up (sleeping!) with his joinery homework!

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Free timber to schools – I’m overwhelmed with the response!

In my last blog post, I was appealing for schools local to us to get in touch if they needed some free timber offcuts for use in their woodworking departments and to be honest, I’ve been buried under an avalanche of emails and phone calls! So far three schools have been promised some timber from us but many are missing out.
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Calling any secondary schools in Denbighshire, Conwy or Flintshire

Well more specifically Design Technology or Product Design (what ever happened to the good old woodworking department; think it was CDT in my day, but I digress!) teachers at Secondary schools in Denbighshire, Conwy or Flintshire.

Are you suffering budget shortages and struggling for timber for your pupils’ GCSE or KS3 project work?

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The end of the world is nigh….

Unless you’ve been living in a shack somewhere cut off from all known civilization for the past few weeks it cannot have escaped your attention that the Mayan’s predict the end of the world at some point on 21st December 2012. When exactly during the 21st December is unknown as they didn’t think to give us some idea of a time! So much to do, so little time left!

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Joynerbolt review

A while ago, the creators of Joynerbolt started following us over on twitter (you can find them on twitter here) and after a nose at their website they offered us a free sample, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about what they sent us and what it does!

If you’ve ever worked as a joiner on a site and had cause to join two timber members together (joisting/roofing etc) then you’re probably familar with using coach bolts to hold the two pieces of timber together. [Read more…]

Social media for a joinery business

We’ve recently started to use social media at work; Twitter and Facebook; I must say to begin with I was sceptical of its uses to us and how it could be used to help our business, especially considering all the hype that surrounds it. At times, it can seem just one more thing to have to do, that adds to an ever increasing list of things needing time and attention!

Recently, we were looking for a joiner’s mate to assist in our busy workshops. As normal, when we started looking for a new employee, we used the traditional method of advertising through the job centre and gave no other avenue of advertising the job vacancy any thought.

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