Old Joinery books and woodworking plans

I love books and I love making all manner of things out of timber, so what could possibly be better than old joinery books?

I say old joinery books, as the newer ones, in my opinion, are ok and do the job, however, the older books cover a much broader range of woodwork than the current ones – take Ecclesiastical work or bridge building, for example, which I love reading about.

Things, however, move on and this is indeed mirrored in the joinery books I had for college, which at the basic level covered woodworking joints, tools etc; then First, Second and Final fix joinery; and then in the Advanced Craft Stage of my City and Guilds workshop joinery and machining.

I’m starting to build up a bit of a collection of the older books; it all started when my dad presented me with his series of carpentry and joinery books, from his time as an apprentice in the 1960s, when I first started at college in the early 1990s. He gave me them after flicking through my series of three books and not being very impressed, with what was covered by the lack of depth to the lacking content.

Some of my old joinery books

Ted Westie swotting up (sleeping!) with his joinery homework!

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Carpentry & Joinery glossary Part 11 – V-Z

Carpentry and Joinery Glossary V-Z

Welcome back to our final look at Carpentry and Joinery terminology. This last part looks at all the terms from V through to Z. Want to be able to point to your weep hole or be able to spot a wobble saw at twenty paces? Then read on for more interesting and informative terminology! Knowledge is power!

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Carpentry & Joinery glossary Part 10 T-U

Carpentry and Joinery Glossary T-U

A warm welcome back to our penultimate look at Carpentry and Joinery terminology. This time, we take a magical mystery tour through letters T through to U, so if you’ve ever wondered what on earth a tease tenon is or how wood can be unsorted or upset, read on…you may learn something quite interesting! We think Mr Stephen Fry would certainly be intrigued by this collection!

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Carpentry & Joinery glossary A-Z (Part 9)

Welcome to the next installment of our fantastic look at all things wooden. This time, we’ll help you to learn lots of interesting things about Skeleton Steps, Spars and Spurs as we look at the most exciting letter yet, S; so much so, you’ll be able to impress all your friends and family with your S-related knowledge. Read on for more exciting S-related terms…I’ve certainly learnt something new this time, I hope you will too!

As always, if you have any comments or think we should add something, please get in touch.

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Carpentry & Joinery A-Z Glossary – Part 8

Explanation of terminology used in Joinery and Carpentry

Welcome one and all to the latest installment of everything joinery-based. This edition contains lots of Rs – from Rebate to Runners and everything in-between. If you are desperate to know more about rip-saws, rods and rim locks, then this is the place to be! Read on to find out more. If you think we’ve missed something, or have any comments or questions, please contact us; we always welcome your feedback.

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Carpentry & Joinery glossary P-Q (Part 7)

Explanation of terminology used in Joinery and Carpentry P-Q

‘I’ll have a P please, Bob!’

How do you tell the difference between a pavilion roof and a pent roof? Could you spot a purlin at fifty paces? If you’ve answered no, you need to read on and find out more! Below is the next section of our informative and interesting Carpentry and Joinery Glossary; this time, the focus is on P and Q.

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Carpentry & Joinery glossary – Part 6 N-O

Explanation of terminology used in Joinery and Carpentry N-O

Have you ever seen naked timber? Or would you know a noggin if you fell over it? Are Old Women’s Teeth more than just dentures?! In this latest installment, more interesting and unusual woodworking and joinery terms will be explained; hopefully you will understand more about Old Women’s Teeth by the time you have read this!

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Carpentry & Joinery glossary A-Z Part 5

Don’t know your monkey tail from your lamb’s tongue?! Continuing on from our previous parts of our Carpentry and Joinery terms, this post sees us looking at L-M and explaining exactly what a monkey tail bolt and lamb’s tongue is!

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