The ultimate guide to buying a wooden gate that lasts!

There are a wide range of different types of wooden gates on the market: hardwood or softwood gates, ledged gates, morticed and tenon jointed gates, dowelled morticed and tenon jointed gates, through-wedged morticed and tenon jointed gates, standard sized, made to measure…the list is endless. So what should I look for when choosing the right wooden gate, I hear you ask?

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Joinery grade softwood – what is it?

We’re getting more and more people asking for Joinery Grade Softwood at the moment so we thought we’d do a little blog post to tell you a bit more about the timber we use in our softwood gates and doors, as well as exactly what Joinery Grade Softwood means, as it can be a bit ambiguous, and in the case of Unsorted Softwood, a bit of a strange term unless you know why it’s called Unsorted Softwood.

Well, to start with, we use Unsorted Scandinavian Redwood in our Softwood products, preferably Swedish Redwood as we feel it is of a far higher quality than either the Russian or Finnish equivalents, which can be quite knotty at times.

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