Insulated Garage Doors to meet all your needs

We are also able to offer our garage doors as insulated garage doors. These differ from our standard specifications slightly as they are 58mm thick, rather than the usual 45mm thick.

From the outside, they look the same as all our existing doors; however, from the inside, rather than seeing the back of the boarding and horizontal rails, you see a similar view as you would when looking at the front of the doors because they are boarded on both sides. This enables us to ‘sandwich in’ insulation between the two layers of boarding.

Insulated timber garage doors

We have two options for our insulated garage doors:

We currently offer two options for our insulated garage doors, both are made to the same high standards our non-insulated garage doors are manufactured to; they are also available in the same styles and are all are made to measure to boot!

Standard insulated garage doors:

These can be supplied with or without a door frame and are ideal if you want to make your garage a bit more snug for when you’re tinkering on your motor, doing your DIY or trying to hide from your other half under the guise of you’re ‘busy in the garage’ (we’ve all done it!). And, you don’t need to meet Building Regulations.

To reduce any draughts further, our standard insulated garage doors can also be supplied with a Stormguard garage threshold seal. This is a rubber strip that glues to the floor behind the doors (for outward opening doors) and can be driven over.

However, if you need replacement doors and a new door frame (classed as a doorset), and there is a fixed (i.e. not portable) source of heat present in your garage, be it a fixed radiator or fire, then you will need a doorset (doors and frame) that meets Building Regulations. No worries, we’ve got you covered as we’re good like that!

Insulated garage door detail

Partial section through our doors. All versions of our insulated doors are made the same way! Click/tap the image to see a larger version

Insulated garage doors (with frames) that satisfy building regulations.

We can also manufacture our doors (supplied with door frames) that meet Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) of Building Regulations which aims to reduce heat loss from buildings.

Why would I need these garage doors?

We’ve two options for our insulated garage doors that meet Building Regulations: non vehicular access garage doors and vechicular accessible doors. The reason for having either are outlined below.

Non-Vehicular access doors

Say what?! This may sound a bit daft but garage doors that don’t allow vehicular access, read on! We make a lot of these doors for customers that are converting their garages into another use; for example, converting your garage to a home gym, study or office, art studio etc are all reasons we have made these insulated doors recently. If you’re converting your garage for another use not mentioned, then we’d love to hear what you are doing with your space!

Also, all our garage door styles are available as insulated pedestrian doors (side access, front or back doors) so you can have a matching set!

The non-vechicular access doors are exactly the same as the rest of our insulated garage doors; however, the difference is the door frame which comprises a flat cill (bottom piece of door frame that sits on the floor) that also has a metal Stormguard threshold fixed to it that makes it not suitable for driving over.

Vehicular accessible insulated garage doors

Again, the insulated garage doors are made exactly the same way and it is the door frame that differs. This time, there is no cill present with the frame or metal Stormguard threshold. To get the seal between the floor and bottom of doors, a rubber Stormguard garage door seal is supplied. This is glued to the floor between the frame stiles (vertical uprights on each side of your opening) and the door closes to it.

Do I need insulated garage doors that meet building regulations?

Building Regulations state that replacing an external door and door frame, where there is a fixed source of heat present in the room immediately behind the doors, classes as a material change of use, and as such, the door and frame has to meet or better Thermal Insulation U-Values and Building Control have to be notified. There are exceptions to this, so please check on the PDF applicable to your situation at (opens in new window) Conservation of fuel and power approved document L

The U-Values you will need to either meet or better depends on your circumstances and briefly are:

    L1A – Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings – 2W/m2K
    L1B – Conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings – 1.8W/m2K
    L2A – Conservation of fuel and power in new buildings other than dwellings – 2.2W/m2K
    L2B – Conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings other than dwellings – 1.5W/m2K

U-Values on our garage doors and doors –

Due to some of our doors taking glazing and others being fully boarded, we have had to split this section into two! The lower the number (for each timber and each type of door) that precedes W/m2K, the better the insulation value for the garage doors and frame and the more snug you will be.

Our doors that take glazing:
Scandinavian Redwood (Softwood) 1.3 W/m2K
Meranti/Idigbo/Oak (Hardwoods) 1.5 W/m2K
Accoya (Modified Softwood) 1.3 W/m2K

Fully boarded doors:
Scandinavian Redwood (Softwood) 1.3 W/m2K
Meranti/Idigbo/Oak (Hardwoods) 1.5 W/m2K
Accoya (Modified Softwood) 1.2 W/m2K

Door frames for our insulated doors

There are currently three options for these. All options feature a larger frame at 70mm x 85mm (less rebates) rather than our standard door frame size of 70mm x 70mm (less rebates) and are supplied pre-fitted with draft excluder.

If you don’t need the insulated doors and frame to meet building regs, then our larger frame without the addition of a cill is fine.

For the doors and frame (non vehicular access) that need to satisfy Building Regulations, then the same sized 70mm x 85mm frame is supplied but with the addition of a cill (bottom piece of frame that runs across the opening) and an optional Stormguard threshold to make it even more weatherproof!

For the vechicular access doors, then the frame is a three piece frame (head and stiles – no cill) with the addition of a Stormguard garage door seal.

All our insulated (and non insulated) garage doors are also available with matching pedestrian doors (front and back doors); again, a door frame has to be part of the installation if you are trying to satisfy those pesky Building Control people (Grrr!).

* All of our standard range of garage doors are available as insulated doors with the exception of our Clwyd door.

Optional extras with our insulated doors

We also offer the following optional extras with our insulated garage doors to reduce any drafts still further:

Garage door threshold seal -by Stormguard

These are supplied with our vehicular access doors. This, however, is also suitable for our standard range of insulated garage doors that do not have to meet the guidelines within the Building Regulations and can be driven over.

Click on any of the images below for a larger version.

Slimline wide thermal break thresholds – by Stormguard

In the main, these are supplied with our doorsets that satisfy the Building Regulations and are fitted to the cill of the door frame. Available in both an inward and outward opening option, they can also be used with our range of standard insulated garage doors and fitted directly to the garage floor; you will not be able to drive it over it though!

Click on any of the images below for a larger version.

Please contact us for more information on our insulated garage doors.