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Who knows what goes on behind (new) closed (garage) doors?

Who knows what goes on behind (new) closed (garage) doors?

Their eyes met across a crowded (glazing) bar, ‘Can I get you a drink?’ he said. ‘I’ll have a gin and slim,’ she said, before adding, ‘I’m watching my figure.’ (It’s made to measure). He was tall, well-built (through wedged, morticed and tenon joints) and tanned. ‘Are you local?’ she asked. ‘From just down the road in Conway,’ he smoothly (planed) replied. ‘Fancy going back to my place?’ he asked, running his fingers over her finely shaped frame (work). ‘Yes’ she urged living for the moment for once in her life, ‘What do they call you?’ he enquired, ‘They call me Aber,’ she softly sighed, as she leaned in closer to him and noticed his chiseled good looks and freshly-cut pine aroma before adding ‘and you?’, ‘I’m a man of mystery,’ replied the tall, transome handsome stranger….
Ermmm… erotic fiction and wooden garage doors – bet you’ve never seen the two go together before and it’s not surprising as they just don’t go together, do they? Suffice to say, we’ve a new garage door that was added to our range just before Christmas; it’s got all the best bits of our Conway garage doors and our Aber garage doors combined.

Take one Conway garage door and add a bit of Aber garage door….

Conway garage door

Take one of our Conway garage doors….

Aber garage door

and add a little bit of our Aber garage to to it

And you get….The Aberconway garage door

Aberconway garage doors

Our all new Aberconway garage door as well as my poor attempt at garage door erotic fiction!

We asked some of the greatest minds in timber and woodworking to help us come up with a name for our new garage door, unfortunately, only Ted Westie, our office mascot, got back to us, the name….The Aberconway garage doors…see what we did there?! As with a lot of our gate and garage door designs, they Aberconway started life as a bespoke job – made to our customer’s own design; so if you’re after a garage door the like of which you cannot seem to find either on our website or elsewhere, then please do give us a call or email, as not only will you get the garage door that YOU want but you could be inspiring a new addition to our range and some erotic-garage-door fiction to boot!
As with all our wooden garage doors, it’s made to measure, so whatever size your opening is, the Aberconway can be made to suit. Like our garage doors? Well stay tuned as we’ve another one coming very shortly – hopefully February time if our joiner-elves get busy and Ted Westie pulls his finger paw out!
*Lipstick image credit – Filter Forge

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