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Arris rail brackets

Arris rail brackets in a choice of 4" / 100mm, 220mm & 12" / 300mm. Arris rail brackets are used for fixing the horizontal members of wooden fences to the vertical posts. The brackets eliminate the need for jointing the rails to the posts to give a strong and rigid support. Manufactured from pre-galv steel. Sold individually.

Fence Panel Fixing Clips

Used for fixing wooden fence panels to wooden fence posts. The fence panel fixing clips are available in a choice of 4 sizes (33mm, 42mm, 46mm & 52mm)  and two finishes (brown or pre-galv). * 33mm version is only available in brown. Usually screwed to both post and then fence panel. No fixings included.

Perrypost Bolt Grip Fence Post Support Bolt Down

Heavy-duty bolt down post support, ideal for use with wooden fence posts. Suitable for flat, hard surfaces to fit your post to. Secured by four bolts (available separately) which fix into the concrete or slab. Once fitted, your post will be securely in place. As everything is above ground this product gives the best protection for your timber post against rot and decay. Available in brown and galvanised and to suit 3" (75mm) square, 4" (100mm) square and 6" (150mm) square posts.
  • Bolts down to concrete slab
  • Bolt grip to secure posts in place
  • Available for 3" (75mm), 4" (100mm) and 6" (150mm) timber posts

Perrypost Fence Post Repair Spike

Replaces a damaged or rotten post set into a concrete base. Used to repair damaged or rotten posts set into concrete bases directly. Use this repair spike instead of digging out the concrete! Simply cut off the existing damaged or rotten post at floor level and drive the spur into the wood that is set in the concrete and you have a secure fitting without the hard labour.
  • Available for 3" (75mm) square posts.
  • Bolt grips to post to ensure secure fit.
  • Available in galvanised or brown finish.