Our range of ironmongery for use on Field gates and in Equestrian environments (aka Horsey Hinges!). Field gate hinges are the hinge of choice, as the name implies, for Field gates, as well as the more upmarket Estate gates.

In the main, all items are available in Galv for longer life, though the padbolts are also available in Black and Black on Galv.

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125mm Field gate double strap bottom band galvanised

Bottom field gate hinge in a hot spelter galvanised finish. 125mm long x 50mm wide x 6mm thick suiting a 3 inch / 75mm thick gate. The bottom field gate hinge takes a 19mm hinge pin. Supplied individually without fixings, so if a pair are required then you will need to order two.

19mm hinge pin on 100mm square plate

19mm / 3/4 inch hing pin on a 100mm (4 inch) square plate. Suits any hinge that takes a 19mm pin. Suitable for use with our field gate hinges. Can be screwed or bolted to your wall or fence post, fixings not supplied. Supplied individually, so if a pair are required then you will need to order two.

Adjustable bottom field gate hinges 19mm pin bzp

Adjustable bottom field gate hinge in a BZP finish. Hinge clamps to to bottom of gate stile and allows adjustment by way of moving position of bolts on threaded bar. Suits a 75mm / 3 inch thick gate. Takes a 19mm pin, overall length of hinge is 10" / 250mm.

Adjustable Hook & Band Gate Hinges

A heavy duty adjustable hook and band gate hinge used on timber gates, side hinged garage doors and external doors. Contents -
  • 1 pair of Adjustable Bands
  • 1 pair of 100mm Precision Eyebolts
  • 1 pair of Hook on Plates to suit Adjustable Bands
  • All fixings
Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Adjustable Hook on 4″ x 4″ Plate

19mm ( 3/4") hook on a 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4") square plate. Sold individually, so if a pair are required then two will have to be selected. Commonly used with field gate hinges. Hot spelter galvanised finish.

Adjustable RSJ Gate Hanger for Metal Gates

Adjustable gate hanger kit for RSJ posts. Adjustable clamp attaches to RSJ style metal posts & adjusts in width from 100mm (4") upto 175mm (7"). 3/4" / 19mm pin to accept field gate hinges (sold separately).

Bow Handle Bolts – Black or Galvanised finish

Perrys bow handle bolts available in a black or galvanised finish. Available in a range of sizes: 12" / 300mm, 15" / 375mm, 18" / 450mm & 24" / 600mm Supplied with BZP flat plate and galv staple receivers. Fixings are available as an optional extra.

Brenton Padbolts

Brenton Padbolt available in a black, galvanised, black on galvanised or Stainless steel finish. Four sizes of 6"/150mm, 8"/200mm, 10"/250mm and 12"/300mm. Fixings can be supplied as an optional extra.

Chain Bolts

A simple chain operated bolt for outward opening doors. 16mm Bolt, available in two finishes of black or bright zinc plated. Supplied with receiver and keep. Fixings an optional extra.

Cranked Band And Gudgeon Hinges

A two piece gate hinge comprising a hin pin on plate and band or strap that sits over the pin. Available in Powder coated black, Galvanised,  Black on Galvanised (double the protection!) and Marine Grade Stainless Steel (Grade A4/316) finish. Fixings are supplied as standard with the black on galvanised and Stainless Steel hinges but are an optional extra for the black and galvanised options. Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Cranked brackets

Cranked brackets are supplied in pairs and are fitted rear of gate/s, allows timber to be dropped in to prevent opening of gate/s. Supplied with coach screws. Hot spelter galvanised finish.

Double gate fastener sets

Double gate fastener sets available in a black or galvanised finish. Each set comprises 18"/450mm throw over gate loop for 75mm/3" thick gate & an 18"/450mm dropbolt. Supplied with all fixings.

Field gate double strap band top hinge

Top field gate hinges available in a 12 inch (300mm), 18 inch (450mm) and 24 inch (600mm) options. 50mm wide x 6mm thick, to suit a 3inch / 75mm thick gate and a 19mm hinge pin. Supplied individually without fixings, so if a pair are required then you will need to order two. Available in black & galvanised finish. *Black only available in 24"

Field Gate Spring Fastener Set

Field gate spring fastener set for single gates, cannot be used in conjunction with a pair of gates Each Set consists of : 1 x Spring Latch, 1 x Double legged receiver/keep and 1 x Fabricated Staple Catch, complete with fixings. Made to suit 3" / 75mm thick Gates. Available in a choice of hot spelter galvanised or a black powder coated finish.

Fieldgate Bands with Straight Eye on Corner

Field gate bands with straight eye on corner. Available in a 125mm / 5" & 600mm / 24" version, both versions hot spleter galv. Suits 19mm hinge pins & a 75mm/3" thick gate. Sold individually.

Fieldgate hook to bolt 325mm long 19mm pin galvanised

325mm / 13" Hook to bolt to suit posts 4" to 10" thick. 19mm pin to suit any of our field gate hinges. Hook to bolt fits to a pre-drilled hole through the post, then secures by way of bolt on rear side of post. The hook to bolt can only be used if you have access to both the inside and outside faces of the gate posts. Hot spelter galvanised finish. The hooks to bolt are supplied individually, if a pair are required then two must be ordered.

Fieldgate hook to screw 19mm pin galvanised

Usually used on a field gate bottom hinge, the field gate hook to screw allows slight adjustment by way of screwing the bolt further in/out of the gate post. 230mm long in a hot spelter galvanised finish with a 19mm pin.

Fieldgate hooks to drive 19mm pin galvanised

Commonly used on field gate bottom hinges, the fieldgate hook to drive is driven into a wooden gate post after a (tight) hole has been drilled to accomodate it. Featuring a 19mm pin and finished with a hot spelter galvanised coating. Overall length of the hook to drive is 200mm

Garage Door Drop Bolts

Surface mounted garage door drop bolt usually fitted to the bottom of external doors, garage doors and gates. Available in a choice of black powder coated, galvanised, black on galvanised and marina grade stainless steel. Supplied with receiver plate, tubular receiver and all fixings.

Heavy Duty Reversible Gate Hinges

Heavy duty reversible gate hinges in a choice of black, galvanised or black on galvanised finish. Each pair comes with four hinge cups (two per hinge) Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Heavy Swivel Locking Bars

Swivel locking bars available in a choice of hot spleter galv or black finishes. Used as an alternative to a hasp and staple. Padlock not suppplied.

Hook on 4″ x 4″ Plate with extended shoulder

Heavy duty hooks on 4" x 4" / 100mm x 100mm square plates. Available in two finishes of black or galv with a choice of either a 19mm pin or 22mm pin. Can be fitted to walls or gate posts.

Lockable Drop Bolt

375mm/15", 450mm / 18" and 600mm /24" Lockable dropbolt in a galvanised finish or Marine Grade Stainless Steel finish * Marine Grade Stainless Steel is only available in an 18"/450mm version. Supplied with all fixings for a standard installation.

Metal gate drop bolt

22" / 560mm Dropbolt suitable for metal gates. Simply bolts onto metal gates. Galvanised for a longer lasting finish.