The ironmongery we offer on our site is predominantly for timber gates and garage doors, however we are often asked do we offer various items for metal gates – so we’ve created a seperate grouping to make it easier to find the available ironmongery items for metal gates!

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D&D Gate Stops

The D&D Gate Stop is the ideal gate alignment devise for preventing hinge, latch and gate damage and prolongs the life of your gate. Moulded from high-strength polymer materials, it is guaranteed against rust, distortion and staining. For gates higher than 4 feet (1.2m), two Gate Stops may be required to guard against severe "concussion" or twisting damage. Sold individually (i.e. if two are required, then two must be ordered as they are not sold in pairs).

Gate hooks to weld

The metal gate hooks to weld are available in two versions - Straight ends & radius ends. Straight end gate hooks to weld are for welding to square/flat section gate posts. Radius end gate hooks to weld are for welding to round gate posts. Both versions are self colour steel with a 19mm pin. Supplied individually, so if a pair is required two must be ordered.

Metal gate drop bolt

22" / 560mm Dropbolt suitable for metal gates. Simply bolts onto metal gates. Galvanised for a longer lasting finish.

Sprung Slide Bolts for Metal Gates

12" / 300mm Sprung slide bolt for metal gates Supplied with the pin and washer loose ready for fitting. Galvanised finish.