Garage door holders fit to the top of the horizontal door frame and the top of the door. As you open the doors, they secure the doors open at 90° – A must have in windy locations. Choose the Junior door holders for single doors up to 6’6 high x 3′ wide. For pairs of garage doors, then choose the Wide Lintel or Narrow Stile door holders.

Only suitable for outward opening, side hinged garage doors.

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Senior Reliance Garage Door Holders (Cord Operated)

If you’ve ever tried to garage your vehicle on a windy day you run the risk of the doors slamming on you as you attempt to drive in, then you need garage door holders! Simply fit to the top of the doors and then the top of the frame/lintel. To operate,  open the doors to 90 degrees and the doors will then lock in place enabling you to drive into your garage without the risk of the doors slamming shut on your car. To close the doors, simply pull the cord and push the doors closed – easy! There are two versions of the garage door holders available: Narrow stile which are the most commonly used or a Wide lintel variety. Garage Door Holders come with all fixings and fitting instructions and are supplied in pairs (enough for one pair of garage doors) Please note that the garage door holders will not work on timber framed garages where you have an angled corner brace between the top of the door frame and vertical upright (side) of the door frame. In some cases these corner braces are decorative and can be removed but if in any doubt you would need to take professional advice. Please see the specification drawing to find out which is suitable for you.