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Plain Ring Gate Latches

Plain handled ring gate latch in a black, galvanised, black on galvanised or satin marine grade stainless steel finish. Available in three sizes of 125mm/5", 150mm/6" and 175mm/7". All ringlatches feature a rose of 58mm diameter. Fixings (screws) available as an optional extra for the black and galvanised latches. Both the black on galvanised and stainless steel come with fixings as standard.

Brenton Padbolts

Brenton Padbolt available in a black, galvanised, black on galvanised or Stainless steel finish. Four sizes of 6"/150mm, 8"/200mm, 10"/250mm and 12"/300mm. Fixings can be supplied as an optional extra.

Perry Weighty Scotch Tee Hinges – Galvanised (Pair)

Weighty Scotch Tee hinges in a Galvanised finish for a longer life. Available in 200mm/8", 300mm/12", 400mm/16", 450mm/18" and 500mm/24" and supplied in pairs Recommended for lighter gates or doors that are no more than 20kg. Weighty Scotch Tee Hinges are the strongest Tee hinges available, these are more heavy duty than the 'Strong' Tee hinges also available within our webshop.

Suffolk Latches

Suffolk latches in a choice of black, galvanised or stainless steel. Choose from standard length or long thumb Galvanised Suffolk latch with standard thumb piece. Used on external gates and cottage doors as a simple method of latching the gate/door closed and fixes using screws. Long thumb piece (Galv & Black) suitable for gates or doors upto 75mm thick Small thumbpiece (Galv & black) suitable for gates or doors upto 50mm thick. Stainless steel Suffolk latch suitable for gates upto 75mm thick.

Perrypost Bolt Grip Fence Post Support Bolt Down

Heavy-duty bolt down post support, ideal for use with wooden fence posts. Suitable for flat, hard surfaces to fit your post to. Secured by four bolts (available separately) which fix into the concrete or slab. Once fitted, your post will be securely in place. As everything is above ground this product gives the best protection for your timber post against rot and decay. Available in brown and galvanised and to suit 3" (75mm) square, 4" (100mm) square and 6" (150mm) square posts.
  • Bolts down to concrete slab
  • Bolt grip to secure posts in place
  • Available for 3" (75mm), 4" (100mm) and 6" (150mm) timber posts

Throw Over Gate Loops

Throw over gate loops available in black or galvanised finish, suitable for 3" (75mm thick gates) & one version for 2" (50mm) thick gates. Available as standard throw over loops for 3" (75mm thick gates) in 6" (150mm), 14" (355mm) & 18" (450mm) With lifting handle in 14" (355mm) & 18" (450mm) and a lockable galvanised throw over loop at 18" (450mm). For 2" (50mm) thick gates then it's the 12" (300mm) version only.

Traditional Cast Cabin Hooks

Cabin hooks are the simplest way of holding your gates and doors open, ideal for windy locations as they stop the gates or doors slamming shut on you and your family and they are really easy to fit! Available in a choice of galvanised, black powder coated, black over galv and marine grade stainless steel finishes. Fixings are supplied as standard with the stainless steel & black on galv options. For the galvanised and black powder coated options, fixings (screws) are available as optional extras.

Auto Gate Catches

Auto gate catches available in a choice of medium duty and heavy duty. Can be locked with a small padlock (not supplied). Available in black, galvanised and marine grade stainless steel finishes.

Twisted Handle Ring Gate Latches

Perry Twisted handle ring gate latch in a choice of black or galvanised finish. Available in three sizes of 125mm/5", 150mm/6" and 175mm/7", all on a 58mm diameter round rose. Screws, to fit the gate latch can be supplied as an optional extra.

Perry Strong Tee Hinges – Black (Pair)

Strong Tee hinges in a Black powder coated finish. Recommended for lighter gates or doors that are no more than 20kg. Although the Tee hinges we supply are a strong version of the classic tee hinge these do lack some of the strength of the cranked band and gudgeon or adjustable hinges. For a stronger version of the Tee hinges see the "Weighty Scotch Tee Hinges" which are available in a Galv or Stainless Steel finish only.

Perry Medium Duty Strap Hinge – Bright Zinc Plated (Pair)

Medium Duty Strap Hinges in a BZP-E/Galv finish for longer life. Supplied in pairs, the strap hinges have many uses from lightweight bi-folding doors and gates to cold frames and trestle table legs.

Perrypost Fence Post Repair Spike

Replaces a damaged or rotten post set into a concrete base. Used to repair damaged or rotten posts set into concrete bases directly. Use this repair spike instead of digging out the concrete! Simply cut off the existing damaged or rotten post at floor level and drive the spur into the wood that is set in the concrete and you have a secure fitting without the hard labour.
  • Available for 3" (75mm) square posts.
  • Bolt grips to post to ensure secure fit.
  • Available in galvanised or brown finish.