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Hook on 4″ x 4″ Plate with extended shoulder

Heavy duty hooks on 4" x 4" / 100mm x 100mm square plates. Available in two finishes of black or galv with a choice of either a 19mm pin or 22mm pin. Can be fitted to walls or gate posts.

Fence Panel Fixing Clips

Used for fixing wooden fence panels to wooden fence posts. The fence panel fixing clips are available in a choice of 4 sizes (33mm, 42mm, 46mm & 52mm)  and two finishes (brown or pre-galv). * 33mm version is only available in brown. Usually screwed to both post and then fence panel. No fixings included.

Arris rail brackets

Arris rail brackets in a choice of 4" / 100mm, 220mm & 12" / 300mm. Arris rail brackets are used for fixing the horizontal members of wooden fences to the vertical posts. The brackets eliminate the need for jointing the rails to the posts to give a strong and rigid support. Manufactured from pre-galv steel. Sold individually.

Perry Key Blank For Long Throw Gate Locks

Spare 6 Pin key blank to suit all Perry long throw locks. Will need cutting at a locksmiths' to suit your existing keys. Sold individually.

Antique Door Studs

Give your gate or door a Georgian style makeover with these antique style door studs. Simply screw into a pre-drilled hole. The door studs are 20mm square with a projection of 15mm with 14mm of screw thread within the door. Each pack contains 10 black powder coated antique door studs

Garage Door Ironmongery Pack (Black)

From: £33.65
Garage Door Ironmongery Pack in Black.

Choosing Hinges

First choose your hinges and select how many pairs of hinges are required - default is one pair of hinges (i.e two hinges which is enough for one door, for a pair of doors two pair of hinges are required. For doors over 2130mm high, a third hinge should be added. The length of a hinge is denoted by door width - for normal domestic use the hinges should be 1/3 (one third) of the width of the each door. For industrial or heavy domestic use then hinges should be 1/2 (half) of the width of the door.

Dropbolt #1

The dropbolt secures the secondary door to the floor.

Bow Handle or Monkey Tail Bolt

The Bow Handle Bolt or Monkey Tail Bolt secures the secondary door to the frame.


Choose your favoured method of locking the doors, using either a Sashlock, Deadlock or Padbolt.

Gate hooks to weld

The metal gate hooks to weld are available in two versions - Straight ends & radius ends. Straight end gate hooks to weld are for welding to square/flat section gate posts. Radius end gate hooks to weld are for welding to round gate posts. Both versions are self colour steel with a 19mm pin. Supplied individually, so if a pair is required two must be ordered.

Sprung Slide Bolts for Metal Gates

12" / 300mm Sprung slide bolt for metal gates Supplied with the pin and washer loose ready for fitting. Galvanised finish.

Adjustable RSJ Gate Hanger for Metal Gates

Adjustable gate hanger kit for RSJ posts. Adjustable clamp attaches to RSJ style metal posts & adjusts in width from 100mm (4") upto 175mm (7"). 3/4" / 19mm pin to accept field gate hinges (sold separately).

Throw over loops for metal gates

Throw over gate loops suitable for metal field gates. Choose from 4 versions - Lockable 860mm, flat sided 750mm (non lockable), 660mm Lift & Slide (non lockable) & 350mm (non lockable) Simply bolt onto gates. Galvanised finish.

Metal gate drop bolt

22" / 560mm Dropbolt suitable for metal gates. Simply bolts onto metal gates. Galvanised for a longer lasting finish.

D&D Spare Key Blanks

Spare Keys for D&D products. Choose from the following - D&D Small wafer key blank, D&D Blank key for 6 pin cylinders Sold individually.