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Adjustable Hook & Band Gate Hinges

A heavy duty adjustable hook and band gate hinge used on timber gates, side hinged garage doors and external doors. Contents -
  • 1 pair of Adjustable Bands
  • 1 pair of 100mm Precision Eyebolts
  • 1 pair of Hook on Plates to suit Adjustable Bands
  • All fixings
Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Cranked Band And Gudgeon Hinges

A two piece gate hinge comprising a hin pin on plate and band or strap that sits over the pin. Available in Powder coated black, Galvanised,  Black on Galvanised (double the protection!) and Marine Grade Stainless Steel (Grade A4/316) finish. Fixings are supplied as standard with the black on galvanised and Stainless Steel hinges but are an optional extra for the black and galvanised options. Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Heavy Duty Reversible Gate Hinges

Heavy duty reversible gate hinges in a choice of black, galvanised or black on galvanised finish. Each pair comes with four hinge cups (two per hinge) Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Garage Door Drop Bolts

Surface mounted garage door drop bolt usually fitted to the bottom of external doors, garage doors and gates. Available in a choice of black powder coated, galvanised, black on galvanised and marina grade stainless steel. Supplied with receiver plate, tubular receiver and all fixings.

Plain Ring Gate Latches

Plain handled ring gate latch in a black, galvanised, black on galvanised or satin marine grade stainless steel finish. Available in three sizes of 125mm/5", 150mm/6" and 175mm/7". All ringlatches feature a rose of 58mm diameter. Fixings (screws) available as an optional extra for the black and galvanised latches. Both the black on galvanised and stainless steel come with fixings as standard.

Gatemate Shed Locking Bar

Bolts to the outside of externally opening doors and via the use of a padlock (not supplied) prohibits the door from being opened. Comprises two brackets that bolt on to either side of door opening, then it is simply a case of inserting bar and locking the end with a padlock. Available in two sizes of 1000mm and 1800mm and comes complete with fixings.

Heavy Duty Ornamental Twisted Ring Gate Latches

The larger versions of our Twisted handle ring gate latches, which makes for a decorative latch for any gate or door. The ring latch comprises the twisted ring handle, twisted ring latch handle, keep, receiver and 100mm spindle bar. Supplied with all fixings and comes in three finishes and two sizes:
  • 200ml/8"
  • 250ml/10"

Lockable Drop Bolt

375mm/15", 450mm / 18" and 600mm /24" Lockable dropbolt in a galvanised finish or Marine Grade Stainless Steel finish * Marine Grade Stainless Steel is only available in an 18"/450mm version. Supplied with all fixings for a standard installation.

Perry Medium Duty Gravity Gate Stop

Made to be concreted into the ground the cast gravity gate stop is used to hold the gates open. To use it's simply a case of opening the gates and lifting the ball (of the gravity gate stop) up with your foot, when the gate is over the flat part of the gate stop you can then remove your foot and the gate will be held open. To close the gate you again lift the ball of the gate stop up and shut the gate.

Perry Scotch Tee Hinges – Stainless Steel (Pair)

Recommended for lighter gates or doors that are no more than 20kg. Although stainless steel Scotch Tee Hinges are a strong version of the classic tee hinge these do lack some of the strength of the cranked band and gudgeon or adjustable hinges. Supplied with screws.

D&D Lokklatch Deluxe

The LokkLatch Deluxe is a high quality security and privacy gate latch for general-purpose gates. Special, longer side-fixing legs on this model provide extra strength and easy fitting alignment. The LokkLatch Deluxe with strong, molded polymer construction with stainless steel components, takes an innovative approach to the gravity latch principle and combines the unique benefits of key-lockability and reliable latching action with superior design and rust-proof components. The External Push-Button Access allows the gate to be opened and locked from either side of the fence. The LokkLatch Deluxe also offers a high degree of versatility, as it is adjustable both vertically and horizontally to ensure proper fit and reliable operation. This latch suits all square post gate (up to 6" / 150mm) and fencing materials as well as left or right hinged gates for easy installation. Requires a clearance gap (between gate and post or gate and gate) of 16-38mm and will fit posts of upto 150mm / 6". Suitable for wooden, vinyl and metal gates Details - Lokklatch Deluxe Fitting Intructions [PDF]
  • Vertically & horizontally adjustable
  • Tested to over 200,000 closures
  • Fits upto 150mm / 6" posts
  • Fitting jig included
  • Fits metal, vinyl and wooden gates
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Usually despatched within 2-3 days

D&D Lokklatch Series 2

The D&D Lokklatch Series 2 is suitable for metal, vinyl & timber gates and supplied with three wafer style keys. Select the 'external access kit' option if you want to be able to operate from both sides of gate. Minimum post size: 25mm / 1" Ideal clearance gap: 19mm / 3/4" * Only suitable for square posts/gate frames (i.e. not rounded posts or frames).