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Garage Door Ironmongery Pack (Black)

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Garage Door Ironmongery Pack in Black.

Choosing Hinges

First choose your hinges and select how many pairs of hinges are required - default is one pair of hinges (i.e two hinges which is enough for one door, for a pair of doors two pair of hinges are required. For doors over 2130mm high, a third hinge should be added. The length of a hinge is denoted by door width - for normal domestic use the hinges should be 1/3 (one third) of the width of the each door. For industrial or heavy domestic use then hinges should be 1/2 (half) of the width of the door.

Dropbolt #1

The dropbolt secures the secondary door to the floor.

Bow Handle or Monkey Tail Bolt

The Bow Handle Bolt or Monkey Tail Bolt secures the secondary door to the frame.


Choose your favoured method of locking the doors, using either a Sashlock, Deadlock or Padbolt.

Throw over loops for metal gates

Throw over gate loops suitable for metal field gates. Choose from 4 versions - Lockable 860mm, flat sided 750mm (non lockable), 660mm Lift & Slide (non lockable) & 350mm (non lockable) Simply bolt onto gates. Galvanised finish.

Rising Field Gate Hinge Sets

Rising field gate hinge sets are ideal for uneven bumpy ground or driveways that rise and would otherwise stop your gates from opening. Suitable for hanging the gates from a 3" /75mm post, the rising hinge sets include all fixings. Available in one size of a 24"/600mm top hinge and in a galvanised finish only.

D&D Lokklatch Series 2

The D&D Lokklatch Series 2 is suitable for metal, vinyl & timber gates and supplied with three wafer style keys. Select the 'external access kit' option if you want to be able to operate from both sides of gate. Minimum post size: 25mm / 1" Ideal clearance gap: 19mm / 3/4" * Only suitable for square posts/gate frames (i.e. not rounded posts or frames).

Heavy Duty Ornamental Twisted Ring Gate Latches

The larger versions of our Twisted handle ring gate latches, which makes for a decorative latch for any gate or door. The ring latch comprises the twisted ring handle, twisted ring latch handle, keep, receiver and 100mm spindle bar. Supplied with all fixings and comes in three finishes and two sizes:
  • 200ml/8"
  • 250ml/10"

Lockable Drop Bolt

375mm/15", 450mm / 18" and 600mm /24" Lockable dropbolt in a galvanised finish or Marine Grade Stainless Steel finish * Marine Grade Stainless Steel is only available in an 18"/450mm version. Supplied with all fixings for a standard installation.

Garage Door Drop Bolts

Surface mounted garage door drop bolt usually fitted to the bottom of external doors, garage doors and gates. Available in a choice of black powder coated, galvanised, black on galvanised and marina grade stainless steel. Supplied with receiver plate, tubular receiver and all fixings.

Adjustable Hook & Band Gate Hinges

A heavy duty adjustable hook and band gate hinge used on timber gates, side hinged garage doors and external doors. Contents -
  • 1 pair of Adjustable Bands
  • 1 pair of 100mm Precision Eyebolts
  • 1 pair of Hook on Plates to suit Adjustable Bands
  • All fixings
Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Cranked Band And Gudgeon Hinges

A two piece gate hinge comprising a hin pin on plate and band or strap that sits over the pin. Available in Powder coated black, Galvanised,  Black on Galvanised (double the protection!) and Marine Grade Stainless Steel (Grade A4/316) finish. Fixings are supplied as standard with the black on galvanised and Stainless Steel hinges but are an optional extra for the black and galvanised options. Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Heavy Duty Reversible Gate Hinges

Heavy duty reversible gate hinges in a choice of black, galvanised or black on galvanised finish. Each pair comes with four hinge cups (two per hinge) Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Plain Ring Gate Latches

Plain handled ring gate latch in a black, galvanised, black on galvanised or satin marine grade stainless steel finish. Available in three sizes of 125mm/5", 150mm/6" and 175mm/7". All ringlatches feature a rose of 58mm diameter. Fixings (screws) available as an optional extra for the black and galvanised latches. Both the black on galvanised and stainless steel come with fixings as standard.

Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus

So good we recommend nothing else for use on our gates and garage doors! Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus is the top coat to use alongside the Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus base coat. Available in 1, 2.5 or 5 litre tins and a choice of 8 translucent shades to enhance the beauty of your timber and give long lasting protection. Approx coverage 14-18 sq/m per litre