Cranked Band And Gudgeon Hinges

A two piece gate hinge comprising a hin pin on plate and band or strap that sits over the pin. Available in Powder coated black, Galvanised,  Black on Galvanised (double the protection!) and Marine Grade Stainless Steel (Grade A4/316) finish. Fixings are supplied as standard with the black on galvanised and Stainless Steel hinges but are an optional extra for the black and galvanised options. Priced in pairs (i.e. 2 Hinges), if 1.5 Pair (i.e. 3 hinges) are required then this can be selected in the quantity box below.

Perry 300mm Curved rail hinge sets

300mm Curved rail hinge sets, available in a choice of hot spelter galvanised or black. The curved rail hinge sets are ideal for gates with a curved top rail - either a rising curve (high centre) or dropping curve (low centre) - simply fit the top hinge whichever way is required. Being a 'handed' hinge you will need to select either right handed or left handed. Left handed version would, when looking at the hinge attach to a post on the left hand side of the gates. For a pair of gates then you will need both a right handed curve hinge set and a left handed curve hinge set. Supplied with all fixings.