Customise Your Wooden Garage Doors

Have you seen a pair of our standard designs of side hung garage doors on our website, it’s nearly what you want, but not quite?

If you have seen something similar to your garage door requirements on our website but it’s not quite exactly what you want, then you can customise all of our wooden garage doors to give yourself exactly what you want! Maybe it’s just a case of lifting the middle rail in our Menai garage doors or you want a different configuration of openings for glazing for, say, our Conway garage doors.

This is not a problem! Everything we manufacture is made to order/ made to measure; this gives us great flexibility over what we can manufacture for you and we can adapt our standard designs of garage doors to your own exact requirements! If you’ve got a design for some garage doors that are radically different from our standard designs, then please see our bespoke garage doors page for details of the extra information that we would need in order to provide a costing.

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For quality workmanship by time-served Joiners:

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Bi-folding garage doors

Do you want traditionally side opening garage doors but find you are stuck for space on your driveway?

Then Bi-folding garage doors may be the answer!

For example in the picture on the left, three of our Menai doors have been used.

The two outer doors (left and right hand side doors) are hung in the traditional way from the frame, the middle door of the three in this instance is then hung from the right hand side door.

All of our garage doors with solid, full thickness bottom rails can be made and supplied as bi-folding garage doors.

A set of bi-folding wooden garage doors

So how do Bi-folding garage doors save space?

In the picture above the garage opening was roughly 96 inches (2440mm) wide, so if just two doors were used and hung the traditional way, you’d lose just over 48 inches (1220mm) of driveway when the doors were opened.

Hung as they are with three doors and each door being just over 32 inches (813mm) wide, then you can see when the doors are fully opened at 90 degrees you saved around 16 inches (407mm) of driveway!

How bi-folding garage doors save space

Openings for glazing

If you’ve you’ve got a situation where one of our side hung garage doors that is suitable for glazing is similar to your requirements but would need a slightly different configuration of the openings for glazing, then this can in most instances be achieved. Below left, is our standard Conway garage doors; pictured beside it is a door in the same style, but with an extra row of daylight openings for the glazing.

Our Conway garage doors

Customised garage door

Underswept curved heads

This is quite a commonly requested feature and can be added to any of our garage doors and not just the Aberconway that this is based upon.

This is just a simple case of having a wider top rail/head in the doors and putting a curve on the underside.

More commonly added to our doors that have some glazing within the top section, none the less it can also be added to our range of fully boarded garage doors.

customised garage door with underswept head

Add a window to our garage doors

Like our Menai garage doors but they would be perfect if only they had window rather than being fully boarded?

Adore our Alyn doors, but you’d like to let a bit of sunlight into your garage?

As well as being able to customise the openings of any of our garage doors with windows you can also add a window to either our Menai or Alyn garage doors.

Add a window to our garage doors

Stable garage doors

Any of our garage doors with a solid full thickness middle rail (Menai, Conway, Brenig, Elwy & Aber garage doors) can also be manufactured as stable type doors, with the top section of the doors able to open independently of the bottom section.
You can choose to have one of the doors split as a stable door, with the other door manufactured in the traditional way, or have both doors split as stable doors with the top section of each opening separately..

Pictured is a pair of our Conway garage doors, but manufactured as a pair of stable doors.
These can be great if you use your garage as a workshop and want a bit more daylight on sunny days!

Stable garage doors

Unequally split garage doors

Typically, when purchasing a pair of side hung garage doors, both doors would be the same size in width (this is called a 50/50 split). If you’re after something different to this, maybe you don’t use your garage as a garage and you just want a smaller pedestrian door to gain access, then unequal splits (i.e. one door bigger than the other) can be manufactured.

For example you may have an opening of 7ft wide (2130mm) and want a 1/3rd / 2/3rd split, this would give you one door of 2ft 4 (709mm) wide and the larger door of 4ft 8 (1421mm) wide

Again, the doors pictured above are based on our Conway garage doors; these are not quite a 1/3 / 2/3rd split, as to get the daylight openings (for glazing) the same widths on both the smaller and larger doors, we had to increase the width of the smaller door so everything looked correct.

Custom garage doors, one bigger than the other

Draught strip

All of our wooden garage doors can be supplied with the meeting stiles (where the two doors meet when closed) pre-grooved ready to take draught strip (which can also be supplied loose ready for fitting); likewise, our garage door frames can also be supplied grooved ready to take the draught strip. Please contact us for details.

If you have a door design that is similar to any of our standard designs of doors and you are unsure whether it can be manufactured, then please feel free to give us a ring and see what we can do for you!

If you’ve seen something that you like on our website then please contact us either by telephone or Email for a full personalised costing. If you have your own garage door design in mind and there is nothing similar on our website, then please visit our bespoke garage doors page for details of the information we require in order to provide a costing and manufacture the garage doors.

All the methods listed above of customising your garage doors are examples of what we can do. If you want to customise your door in a way not shown above then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

For quality workmanship by time-served Joiners:
For quality workmanship by time-served Joiners:

Call Ted & The Team: 01745 362444