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Gate Enquiry Confirmation

Thank you for your gate enquiry

We aim to answer all enquiries within 24-48 hours (Monday to Friday).
If you’ve not had a response back from us after this time please first check your spam or junk mail folders as we find a lot of emails go astray (email gremlins!), if you still have no email then please either re-send your enquiry in to us or give us a ring on 01745 362444.

If you’re looking to get gates….

If you are in the market for a new pair of wooden gates then please do us one favour (it would make us really happy), wherever you ultimately get gates from (even if it’s not us!) then please, please, please make sure you get gates that are based on a through, wedged morticed and tenon jointed frame (no other type of mortice and tenon joint EVER).

The reason I ask this is we spend a lot of time making replacements, for gates that the joints have failed on (the gate has fallen apart very prematurely) that have been made by others that use a ‘mortice and tenon joint’.

Do please check with whoever is making your gates that it is a through wedged, morticed and tenon joint and not a stub tenon (or stopped tenon) – if it doesn’t mention it on their websites or their fancy advertising blurb then please, please, please ask them.

Any Carpenter or Joiner worth his salt will tell you that it should be a through, wedged morticed and tenon joint!

Why not read our guide to buying a wooden gate?

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