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Garage Door Ironmongery

Ironmongery for side hung wooden garage doors

We stock a full range of garage door ironmongery, now available in packs for ease of selection. If you’ve already got some of the ironmongery you need but for example just need the hinges then no problem, everything can be supplied individually – we have items available in our Ironmongery Shop, either individually or in ironmongery packs.

Already got wooden garage doors but need ironmongery to suit? Please contact us for a pack of ironmongery, available separately from our doors.

Ironmongery Packs

All packs come complete with screws and bolts for a typical installation with our wooden garage doors and all ironmongery packs contain the same ironmongery with the exception of the method of locking.

Basic Pack

  • 2 Pair of Band and gudgeon hinges*
  • 1 No. 15″ Dropbolt
  • 1 No. 15″ Monkey tail bolt (or 1 No. 15″ Bow handle bolt)
  • 1 No. 8″ Padbolt.

Lock Pack

  • 2 Pair of Band and gudgeon hinges*
  • 1 No. 15″ Dropbolt
  • 1 No. 15″ Monkey tail bolt (or 1 No. 15″ Bow handle bolt)
  • 1 No. Union Strongbolt 5 lever Mortice dead lock (comes with two keys) and rebate set and 2 No. Escutcheons.

Lock & Latch Pack

  • 2 Pair of Band and gudgeon hinges*
  • 1 No. 15″ Dropbolt
  • 1 No. 15″ Monkey tail bolt (or 1 No. 15″ Bow handle bolt)
  • 1 No. Union Strongbolt 5 lever Mortice sash lock (comes with two keys) and rebate set, plus 1 pair of handles – either Brass, Black or Chrome.

*Garage doors 7ft (2133mm) high or over require an extra pair of hinges. These are supplied where required

What’s in the pack?

The ironmongery is shown below in galvanised, we can and do supply black ironmongery – however for longer lasting ironmongery we recommend the galvanised. Ironmongery packs for our garage doors, pack 2 (Lock pack with mortice deadlock shown below)

  • A – Band & gudgeon hinges (size and number of hinges dependent on garage door size)
  • B – 5 Lever mortice deadlock (from pack 2). Sashlock (Pack 3) and Padbolt (Pack 1) not shown please see garage door locking options for more information.
  • C – Bow handle bolt (the alternative monkey tail bolt is not shown).
  • D – Standard dropbolt, you can if you wish upgrade to a lockable dropbolt.

Cord operated garage door holders can also be supplied, you can find out more about these at garage door holders (opens in new window).

Where does the ironmongery all go on the garage doors?

  • Band & gudgeon hinges – Well they are pretty self explanatory, these hang the doors! Length of hinges is determined by width of each door leaf. Doors over 2130mm / 7ft tall require three hinges per door.
  • Dropbolt – Imagine your doors are fitted, the dropbolt fits onto the bottom of the secondary opening garage doors i.e. not the door that opens first!
  • Bow handle bolt / Monkeytail bolt – This fits onto the same door as the dropbolt but at the top of the door and fastens into the frame/lintel.



Garage door locking options

  • Padbolt – Locks by means of a padlock (not supplied) and can be fitted to either the front or rear of the doors. You can only unlock this from the side it is fitted upon (i.e. if the padbolt is fitted to the inside of the garage doors then you can only unlock it from the inside).

The Padbolt (above) from our Basic garage door ironmongery pack.

  • Five lever mortice deadlock (with rebate kit) – Fits into the edge of the door, can be locked and unlocked from either side by way of a key. When the door is unlocked the door is free to swing open.

5 Lever mortice insurance deadlock, from our garage door ironmongery pack 2 (Lock pack)

  • Five lever mortice sashlock (with rebate kit and a pair of handles) – Like the deadlock fits into the edge of the door, can be unlocked/locked from both the inside and outside. The advantage of the Sashlock is that when unlocked the doors are still held closed by the latch which is operated by way of the handles supplied. The lever handles are supplied in black, brass or chrome.

5 Lever mortice sashlock (with brass handles) from our garage door ironmongery pack 3 (lock and latch pack). The sashlock comes with a choice of brass, black and chrome handles.

No Yale locks?

No we do not supply Yale locks for use with our garage doors. Our garage door are rebated – they overlap in the centre when the two doors are closed and Yale do not manufacture a lock that is suitable for rebated doors. The Mortice Sashlock or Deadlock are far better options as they are a Five lever insurance lock and are actually made by the same company that makes Yale locks (Assa Abbloy which manufactures both Union and Yale locks).

No butt hinges?

We do not supply butt hinges for use on our wooden garage doors. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly if your garage doors open out (which in the main they will normally do) and when open they are hit by a gust of wind which swings them out of control, then your doors will be ripped from their hinges (or the hinges will be ripped from the door frame) and your doors will more than likely will be damaged.

The weight of the doors – butt hinges are used on your front door (you’ve more than likely got three hinges on your doors) and the weight of your front door is a lot less than one leaf of a garage door.

Put simply even the strongest butt hinges are not suitable for side hinged garage doors.

Accoya or Oak garage doors?

If you’ve got Accoya or Oak garage doors then you will need stainless steel ironmongery. If you use either the galvanised or black ironmongery then the acids in the timber can react with the ironmongery causing staining to both the doors and ironmongery.

Please contact us for the stainless steel ironmongery as we do not keep this in stock.

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