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Measurement Converter

Imperial to metric – metric to imperial measurement converter

Our handy tool that helps when making wooden gates and wooden garage doors to measure!

From time to time (especially when marking out!) we end up thinking lets say what 2780mm is in inches and is there a quick program we could use to convert our measurements quickly and easily? Well now there is, its below!

Type your measurement that you wish to convert into the box below, then from the dropdown list select the unit of measurement that you wish to convert from – then simply press the convert me button and your measurements will be converted into the metric and imperial equivalent.


Imperial measurements don’t go very well into decimal!

If you’ve converted your measurements from Metric to Imperial and are wondering what .5625 inches is equivalent (it’s 9/16″) to then the short guide should help you out!

Inches into decimal:

Sixteenths of an inch

1/16″ = 0.0625
3/16″ = 0.1875
5/16″ = 0.3125
7/16″ = 0.4375
9/16″ = 0.5625
11/16″ = 0.6875
13/16″ = 0.8125
15/16″ = 0.9375

Half inch

1/2″ = 0.5

Eighths of an inch

1/8″ = 0.125
3/8″ = 0.375
5/8″ = 0.625
7/8″ = 0.875

Quarters of an inch

1/4″ = 0.25
3/4″ = 0.75

Please note: This conversion calculator is provided as a free to use tool and we cannot accept any responsibility for any errors which may occur during the conversion of measurements.

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