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Hardwood and Softwood Timber Samples


Below are samples of the five timbers we manufacture our Hardwood and Softwood gates and garage doors from. Since timber is a natural product, no two pieces are exactly the same – actual colours and grain will vary even within the same piece of timber.

Softwood Timbers

We manufacture our Softwood gates and wooden garage doors from two Softwoods.

Unsorted Scandinavian Redwood

The most economical of the timbers we use in the manufacture of our timber gates and doors. The actual origin of the Softwood is Sweden, we shy away from Finnish Redwood as the Swedish is by far a better quality – it’s grown more northerly than it’s Finnish counterpart, giving tighter grain which gives the timber increased strength over Softwood from Finland.

Unsorted Scandinavian Redwood - Softwood sample

There are several grades of Softwood, we don’t hide behind the generic term ‘joinery grade’ softwood, which covers several different grades of differing qualities. We use unsorted Softwood, it contains fewer and smaller knots than the other grades (the other main grades being Fourths and Fifths – these all come under the generic umbrella of joinery grade softwood) which again improves the strength of the timber. You can find out more about the grading of Softwood we use over on our blog at Joinery grade softwood?

Lesser grades of Softwood tend only to be suitable for painting, many of our customers once they have received their softwood gates or doors usually end up staining their items as they think it’s a shame to cover up such beautiful timber!

Shown in the image above as bare timber, our Scan Redwood products are supplied with a coating of straw coloured preservative and are ready for final decoration.

Accoya gates & garage doors

The newest addition to the main batch of timbers we use and proving increasingly popular both with architects, builders and house holders! Accoya is a modified timber product, although a Softwood Accoya is a ultra high performance timber whose properties surpasses those of the finest tropical hardwoods.

Accoya modified softwood sample

It’s actually a timber called Radiata Pine, originating from New Zealand and shipped at present to Holland where it undergoes a process called acetylation. With the process of acetylation, the timbers cell structure is changed meaning the timber cannot absorb water which in turn means the timber cannot rot! So confident are the very clever people behind this product that the material is actually guaranteed for 75 years – all the more reason to make sure you get gates that are properly made by joiners. For more information please see Accoya gates and garage doors.

As standard when we price Accoya, it’s priced as to take a paint finish. If you intend to stain then we do need to know this as Accoya can suffer from black staining which can be removed through planing.

Our Accoya products are supplied ready for decoration.

Hardwood Timbers

We offer the choice of three beautiful hardwoods for our gates and garage doors, so there is certainly a timber for you among them!

All our hardwood products are supplied ready for decoration.


We use Meranti as a Mahogany/Sapele substitute. More economical than both the Sapele and Mahogany, the Meranti is an ideal hardwood to choose if you’re after the Mahogany look but without the difficulty in treating it. Far less likely to twist or warp than both Mahogany and Sapele, the Meranti also takes a stain well and is a far better choice to paint than either the Idigbo or Prime European Oak – due to their oily nature.

Meranti hardwood sample


Want the Oak look without the Oak cost? We use Idigbo as an Oak substitute, Idigbo contains many of the characteristics you’d associate with Oak but is easier on the pocket! Known in the trade as ‘poor mans’ oak’ the other differences you’ll notice between Oak and Idigbo (other than cost) is the weight of the timber – hold a piece of Idigbo in one hand and a piece of Oak in the other and there is a noticeable difference in weight, the Idigbo being far lighter. Colour wise it is generally a light Oak colour but can vary within the same piece of timber and can in places be a lot darker than the light Oak colour mentioned.

Idigbo hardwood sample

Prime European Oak

Oak needs know introduction, the history of the UK is built on Oak – from the timber framing in Shakespeare’s house to HMS Victory down to humble barrels, Oak has been used in almost anything over the years. In our gates and garage doors we use Prime European Oak, again this is the top grade from our timber merchants, containing fewer knots than ‘character oak’ thereby giving strength and a beautiful appearance.

Prime European Oak

So whether you are in a listed planning area and have to have Oak doors or whether you just wish to see beautiful Oak gates at the end of your property choose Prime European Oak. For more information on the Oak we use please visit Oak gates & garage doors.

Most durable timber

So of the timbers we use which is the most longer lasting or most durable, below I’ve listed the timbers with the most durable timbers nearer the top.

  • Accoya (Modified Softwood),
  • Prime European Oak,
  • Idigbo,
  • Meranti,
  • Scandinavian Redwood (Unsorted Softwood).

Most economical timber

As well as varying in price depending on size, our products vary in price depending on the timber used – so which is the most economical timber?

Again below I’ve listed the timbers in order of cost, most expensive being nearer the top.

  • Prime European Oak,
  • Accoya (Modified Softwood),
  • Idigbo,
  • Meranti,
  • Scandinavian Redwood (Unsorted Softwood).

If you need any more information on any of the timbers we use then please either give us a call on 01745 362444 or send us an email

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