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Calling schools in denbighshire flintshire conwy

Calling any secondary schools in Denbighshire, Conwy or Flintshire

Well more specifically Design Technology or Product Design (what ever happened to the good old woodworking department; think it was CDT in my day, but I digress!) teachers at Secondary schools in Denbighshire, Conwy or Flintshire.

Are you suffering budget shortages and struggling for timber for your pupils’ GCSE or KS3 project work?

Free timber to local high schools

The timber stack pictured yesterday!

We’re having a clean up and we don’t like to throw timber away – it doesn’t grow on trees you know (I know it does really but you get my point!), so we tend to keep off-cuts thinking that will come in handy at some point in the future, but by the time it would come in handy, we’ve forgotten all about it, cannot find it or it’s buried beneath a timber stack the size of a North Wales county! We can only keep so much of the timber until our workshops become narrower and narrower due to the increasing stack of timber against the walls and this is where you could come in!

Have you got the wood?

If you’re a CDT teacher (I know you’re probably not called that now, but that is what they were when I was at school) and have a need for usefully sized offcuts of timber that your pupils could make into bird tables, clocks, wooden toys or anything else (the most important thing is they make stuff out of wood!), then please get in touch and you can have it. Free, no charge, no questions asked; you’ll be doing us a favour! The only thing that we would ask of you is that you are able to collect it from us; you may need a trailer or to borrow the school mini-bus as there is a fair amount and it could even become a regular supply if you need it! Let us know if you’re interested…please…before we can’t even open the doors! If you or your school is interested in collecting some of our unwanted timber please get in touch using the sign up form at Free wood for North Wales schools So far we’ve been overwhelmed with the response to this read more here Overwhelming response to free timber to schools.

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