Browse our extensive range of hinges for gates, garage doors, sheds and outbuilding doors. Choose the Reversible hinges for a more decorative look. Adjustable hinges are a great choice if you’ve either never fitted a pair of gates before, as they enable you to make adjustments once the gates are fitted, or you’re fitting gates to posts that are out of plumb (level).

Cranked hook and bands are great for both gates and garage doors, though both reversible and adjustable will also do the job.

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Perry Straight Band & Gudgeon Hinges – Stainless Steel (Pair)

Available in both 18 inch and 24 inch versions, our stainless steel stright band and gudgeon hinges offer excellent corrision resitance being marine grade stainless steel. Suitable for use with acidic timbers where corrision resitance is a must and ideal for coastal locations. Being a straight hinge, if fitting on an outside face of a gate post or to a garage door frame then the hinge plate will need sinking into the post or door frame to allow the gates or doors to sit flush with the post/frame. Supplied with all fixings.