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What is a gate closer and why would you need one?

What is a gate closer and why would you need one?

Ever get annoyed when callers to your home leave your gates swinging in the wind, leaving them to slam shut with a thud that can damage the gates? You could put a ‘please close the gate’ sign upon the entrance way but let’s face it, it will probably be ignored! So what’s the answer?

Get a gate closer

When a gate requires a self-closing mechanism that is easy to fit and closes at a safe speed, the Slam Proof gate closer is the ideal product. Unlike the coil gate spring, the Slam Proof gate closer closes the gate at a constant and controlled speed. This prevents damage to the gate, hinges, latch/lock and most importantly, prevents injury. The gate closer can easily be fitted to new or existing gates without changing the gate hinges or mounting an expensive underground closing device.

Slam Proof gate closers combine the extension force of a gas spring with the speed control of a hydraulic damper in a single unit. The extension force can easily be adjusted to suit the particular weight of gate it is fitted to and the hydraulic element controls the rate of extension through the full stroke. By fitting a gate closer, the gate can be comfortably opened by hand and when released it closes at a safe speed.

Currently there are 2 types of gate closers available, heavy-duty (GC-22) and light-duty (GC-19). The heavy-duty gate closer is recommended for gates and industrial doors exceeding 0.75m in width and up to 100kg in weight. The light-duty gate closer is ideal for use on gates not exceeding 50kg in weight. You can find more information here

So if you suffer from gates that are constantly left open by vistors, then a gate closer may just be what you need.


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