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Woodworking joints – Hinging and shutting joints

Hinging & shutting joints – Woodworking joints

There is a large variety of hinging and shutting joints, the majority are complex, so we will just look at some of the more basic joints that can be found in doors, windows, tables etc. The details of the joints depend on the class of work and requirements, for instance, in airtight show-cases, the joints are often intricate, but in ordinary work a simple rebate is usually sufficient.


Rebated joints

Rebated joints (Fig A.) are usually found on pairs of doors that meet when closed, such as our wooden garage doors, French doors etc. The rebated joint is the simplest of the hinging and shutting joints. Two simpler shutting joints (Fig B.) normally used in cabinet work, such as book-cases and show-cases, or they can be used if the timber is too thin to rebate. For cabinet work, these are used to relieve the plainness of the joint.

Knuckle joint

A Knuckle, Rule or Table joint (Fig C.) is used for a drop, or hanging table. The centre of the hinge (1) which is a backflap hinge, is placed at the intersection of the two inside faces if a close joint is required. When the falling table (2) is horizontal, the top (3) surfaces of the two pieces are flush.

Hook joint

A Hook joint (Fig D.) is used in airtight show-case work. It was sometimes used in casements (windows etc.) but it is not a suitable joint for framing, which is subject to varying climatic conditions.

Shutting joint

The principle in construction of a shutting joint is that the knuckle of the hinge (1) or centre of the pivot, is the centre of a circle. The picture of the door (Fig E.) illustrates the principles. An arc of a circle struck from the hinge, with a radius equal to the width of the door, will give the shutting joint (2) shown.

That finishes our look at woodworking joints for the time being, though we will return to them again in future posts.

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