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Spring loaded gate wheels

Spring loaded gate wheels available in a medium duty grade (BZP) and heavy duty (black finish). Ideal for large, hard to close gates and works well on uneven ground. Supplied with fixings (2 x coach bolts). Max load capacity of Heavy duty gate spring 135KG Max load capacity of medium duty gate wheel 57KG

Heavy Duty Gate Springs

200mm/8" heavy duty self closing gate spring. Available in a BZP and Black finish. Supplied with adjustment bar and lugs. Fixings (screws) are available as an optional extra.

D&D Gate Stops

The D&D Gate Stop is the ideal gate alignment devise for preventing hinge, latch and gate damage and prolongs the life of your gate. Moulded from high-strength polymer materials, it is guaranteed against rust, distortion and staining. For gates higher than 4 feet (1.2m), two Gate Stops may be required to guard against severe "concussion" or twisting damage. Sold individually (i.e. if two are required, then two must be ordered as they are not sold in pairs).

Perry Medium Duty Gravity Gate Stop

Made to be concreted into the ground the cast gravity gate stop is used to hold the gates open. To use it's simply a case of opening the gates and lifting the ball (of the gravity gate stop) up with your foot, when the gate is over the flat part of the gate stop you can then remove your foot and the gate will be held open. To close the gate you again lift the ball of the gate stop up and shut the gate.

Birkdale Gate Stop Box Heavy Duty 75mm/3″ – Black

The Heavy Duty Gate Stop Box is used to restrict either the opening or closing of a gate and usually concreted in to the driveway. To use simply lift the hinged stop into place. When not required folds flat.