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New ironmongery shop open for business

New ironmongery shop is open for business!

On and off over the years (probably more on than off!), we’ve been asked, either via email or over the telephone, whether we could possibly sell a pair of gate hinges, a ring latch or a pair of garage door holders etc on their own and not with a gate or garage door (and yes we could and yes we did!). Why did we never actually think *lightbulb moment*?
Why not start an online shop selling the gate and garage door ironmongery we actually use!
I couldn’t possibly answer and why we never actually started one, I don’t know!
A Westie with some gate hinges

Ted Westie is waiting to take your order!

Help us keep our new “Ironmongery Operations Chief” in his newly promoted role…

Well, he has to earn his keep somehow! He likes ‘working with’ the postman, so we thought this was an ideal role for him…*

Ok, I want to save Ted Westie’s job, where can I find this shop?

Via the wonders of internet technology (did they predict this in Star Trek?!) you can visit by a simple click of the mouse on the following gate & garage door ironmongery shop and be instantly transported to a haven of all things to hang your gates or garage doors with!

The important blurby stuff…

All the ironmongery in our new snazzy shop is the stuff we use and recommend from our trusted suppliers; if it doesn’t do what it should do then we don’t like it and we’re sure you wouldn’t like it either! If you’re after something in particular not mentioned on our website/shop, then please do give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do for you; we can usually get most things not mentioned in our shop within a couple of days. * No Westie (including Ted) was hurt in the making of this blog post and we have no wish… * I was going to add a gag about being ‘open all hours’ and Ronnie Barker, but unfortunately, Ted Westie altered my post at the last minute, claiming he is the only ‘barker’ in our workshops! (groan!)

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