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Why we do not supply gate automation kits

Why we do not supply gate automation kits

Recently, we’ve had a lot more enquiries for gate automation kits, for use both with our gates and with other people’s gates, and we’ve had to tell people we do not supply them either individually or with our gates. A lot of the time this is met with ‘I’ll go and get my gates (or doors) from somebody else who is willing to sell me the gate automation kit…’. Are you sure this is the right attitude? Read on…

So why do we not supply the automation kits for gates or garage doors?

Automated wooden gates can potentially be a danger

Whilst we do manufacture our wooden gates to suit automation, we do not (and will not) supply the automation kits so you can automate the gates yourself. It was a long time ago (around eight to ten years or so) that we did look into stocking and selling kits for electric gates, but after further research on the safety aspect, we decided we wouldn’t be happy to do so.

There are a few DIY automation kits on the market and many more ‘professional’ kits available; however, we do not feel a DIY electric gate installation is any match for a professionally installed system; how do you know that once it’s fitted everything is safe and not a danger to passers by or friends/family/pets? The more ‘professional’ automation kits are probably a bit beyond a DIY installation and once again, if you do manage to fit it correctly, how do you know it is safe to operate and not a danger to anybody? Both with a DIY kit, or one of the more ‘professionally orientated’ kits, once installed, they need comprehensively testing – do you have the necessary equipment and technical know-how to test the opening/closing forces of the gates?

Are you aware of any potential danger areas? For example, if you’ve got automated gates and they open above and past a kerb, do you realise there is potential for somebody to get crushed between the kerb and the gate?

Are you also aware that once installed, a gate automation kit also needs regular checks to ensure that it is still operating safely?

At the end of the day, incorrectly fitted electric gates can not only injure people, they can also kill. So please, get a professionally installed electric gate to ensure safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

There’s nothing unsafe about gate automation…

Isn’t there? Since 2010, there has been a campaign running to publicise the dangers of automated gates that have been incorrectly fitted or fitted with inadequate/non existent safety systems. The Gate Safe campaign was started following the deaths of two children in June/July 2010; these deaths happening after an earlier death in 2006, and several recorded ‘near misses’. The initial aim of the campaign was to publicise the risks of having an automation system that was incorrectly fitted and the risks that come with this. There is legislation regarding the installation of gate automation, yet many still chose to ignore this and the dangers the kits can pose to life; how many more people will risk injury and their lives due to incorrectly fitted automation kits? This is why we do not sell automation kits separately; the safety risks are far too great; we are following the guidelines and trying to raise your awareness.

Do you know what you are buying

If the safety aspect doesn’t swing it for a professional installation (and it should), then we were recently contacted by somebody local to us for advice. They had purchased a pair of gates and an above ground ram type automation kit from elsewhere via the internet and were after ideas on how to install it. In this instance, we passed on his details to a local automater who made a site inspection and declared it totally unsuitable for his situation, meaning now the inquirer is currently trying to get a refund on a gate automation system that he should never have been sold.

We are more than happy to work with your gate installer to achieve a safe, professionally installed electric gate.

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