Crook Stile Double Estate Gates

Our Five bar estate gates with one piece elongated crook stiles, available as a pairs of gates.

Made to measure in a choice of 5 timbers.

Through wedged morticed & tenon jointed frame.

* Both our Crook stile singles & Crook stiles pairs are only available collected from our North Wales workshops or delivered locally to us.

Height (to top of top rail) is usually around 1220mm high (the non crook stile joggle, pointy bit proturdes by top rail by 65mm) but can be adjusted from 1000mm to 1400mm.
Height to top of elongated crook stile is usually 1800mm based on a top rail height of 1220mm.

Made to measure from 1400mm wide upto 4200mm wide (and everything in between!)

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Enter your required gate height (to top of top rail) - Crook stile adds 600mm to this.
Enter your opening width between posts here (or your overall two gate combined gate width if you've worked it out).
Prices online are for heights 1000mm to 1400mm high and from 1400mm wide up to 4200mm wide.

For sizes outside these ranges please contact us at for a personalised costing.
Scan Redwood (+...)
Meranti (+...)
Idigbo Hardwood (+...)
A1 Accoya (+...)
Prime European Oak (+...)
Please select from our range of timbers
Accoya is priced as suitable for painting, if you intend to stain the timber then please contact us for a price
As standard gates have bottom rail that can only be seen from rear, this puts bottom rail that can be seen from both sides
50/50 split is where both gates of the pair are the same size. Unequally split gives you one gate larger than the other so one gate can be used as a pedestrian access gate.
Maximum width of a single gate is 2100mm. Please state preferred width of gates for split. For example if total width is 3000mm, you can state 1000mm and 2000mm.
Which gate is the smaller gate when viewed from the front? Left or Right.
Fixing stile options
Posts for fixing to a wall or other structure. Priced per stile. Supplied in same timber as your gates.
Posts for fixing to a wall or other structure. Priced per stile.( 95mm x 70mm with 20mm x 20mm loose stop) supplied in same timber as your gates.
4 way weather cut softwood posts
100mm x 100mm (+£54.00)
4 way weather cut softwood posts
125mm x 125mm (+£79.20)
4 way weather cut softwood posts
150mm x 150mm (+£112.80)
square tanalised softwood posts
175mm x 175mm (+£163.20)
square tanalised softwood posts
200mm x 200mm (+£187.20)
All priced per post. As a rule of thumb post size should be for every 12" (300mm) of gate, posts should be 1" (25mm) + 1" (25mm). Posts upto 150mm / 6" square are 4 way weather cut on top. Posts over this are square cut.
Ironmongery options for driveway gates
Ironmongery packs for your driveway gates. All packs contains 2 Pair 18" Adjustable gate hinges, 2 x 18" Dropbolts & 1 x 6" Ringlatch. All fixings included.
Ironmongery packs for your driveway gates. All packs contains 2 Pair 24" Adjustable gate hinges, 2 x 18" Dropbolts & 1 x 6" Ringlatch. All fixings included.
Ironmongery packs for your driveway gates. All packs contains 2 Pair 36" Adjustable gate hinges, 2 x 18" Dropbolts & 1 x 6" Ringlatch. All fixings included.
200mm / 8" Black Brenton Padbolt
8" Black Brenton Padbolt (+£3.26)
200mm / 8" galvanised Brenton Padbolt
8" Galvanised Brenton Padbolt (+£3.60)
200mm / 8" Black on galvanised Brenton Padbolt
200mm/8" Black over Galv Brenton Padbolt (+£13.20)
8 inch 200mm Marine grade stainless steel brenton padbolt
8" Marine Grade Stainless Steel Brenton Padbolt (+£34.80)
An 18" / 450mm lockable throw over gate loop
18" /450mm GalvanisedLockable throw over loop (+£20.40)
Any additional details you think might be relevant to help us build your bespoke product.
Grand total
Current lead times are approx 8-10 weeks at present


Our Five bar Estate gates as pairs with elongated crook/hockey stick style stiles.

Available made to measure in Scandinavian Redwood, Meranti, Idigbo, Accoya and Oak, in overall widths from 1400mm wide upto 4200mm wide (and everything in between).

Usually the Estate gates with a crook stile have a top rail at 1220mm / 4ft from bottom of gate (with crook stile being 1830mm / 6ft tall in total), however you do have a bit of room to customise the heights – if you alter the top rail height then the overall height of the crook stile will also alter to suit

Heights can be from 1000mm upto 1400mm high, bear in mind if you reduce the heights then the bars/rails will look crammed in and if you go taller then there will be bigger spaces between the bars/rails!

One Estate gate bigger than the other?

The Estate gates can be manufactured as unequally split pairs, with the larger gate no wider than 2100mm wide.

I want to automate my crook stile Estate gates?

If automating then with an Estate gate you would usually use a below ground automation system, as such you will need to add a full thickness bottom rail to the gate.

If you opt for an above ground automation system then it would usually attach to the top rail of the gate, which tends to look unsightly!

Crook stile Estate gate doubles Specifications –

Max width per gate – 2100mm (4200mm wide for the pair).
Crook stile – 95mm x 70mm / 3 3/4″ x 2 3/4″
Crook stile sits above the top rail by 24″/600mm
Clashing stile (opposite hinge side) – 70mm x 70mm / 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″
Top rail – Reducing from 95mm / 3 3/4″ from crook side down to 70mm /  2 3/4″ on meeting stiles of gate
All other rails – 70mm x 25mm / 2 3/4″ x 1″

Full thickness bottom rail (where selected) – 145mm / 5 3/4″ x 70mm / 2 3/4″

What timbers are the Estate gates available in?

The single crooked stile gates are made to measure in choice of five timbers –
Scandinavian Redwood (Softwood)
Meranti (Hardwood)
Idigbo (Hardwood)
A1 Accoya (Modified Softwood)
Prime Grade European Oak

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