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Carpentry and Joinery Glossary A-Z Part 8

Explanation of terminology used in Joinery and Carpentry

Welcome one and all to the latest installment of everything joinery-based. This edition contains lots of Rs – from Rebate to Runners and everything in-between. If you are desperate to know more about rip-saws, rods and rim locks, then this is the place to be! Read on to find out more. If you think we’ve missed something, or have any comments or questions, please contact us; we always welcome your feedback.

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A rectangular recess formed on the corner of a piece of timber to receive a door, sash or another piece of timber.

Rebate Plane (Right)
A plane for cutting rebates in timber, the plane shown (right) is a Side Rebate Plane and contains two plane irons; the one nearer the front can be used as a Bullnose Plane for cutting rebates in tight spots; the iron nearer the rear of the plane is the one more commonly used for cutting rebates.

Side rebate

The timbers carrying the coverings of a roof.

A horizontal member in a frame.

Raised Panel
A panel thicker in the centre than at the edges, found in furniture, doors and gates.

Inclined from the vertical.

Raking Mouldings
An inclined moulding with horizontal returns.

A series of sunk beads on the face of the stuff.

The return of a moulding for an internal angle.

A continuation of a member in another direction, usually at right angles.

The sides of a window or door opening at right angles to the face of the wall.

Ribbing Up
Building up circular work using laminated ribs.

The horizontal timber to which the tops of the rafters are fixed. The highest point of a roof.

Rim Lock (Right)
A lock, and sometimes latch, in a metal case, and screwed on to the face of a door or gate through the rim of the case.

A defect in timber caused by torn off branches being covered with later rings that are not uniform with the rest of the timber.

An example of a rim-lock

Rip Saw
A saw for cutting length-ways with the grain.

The vertical distance between two consecutive stair treads.

Rising Hinge
A hinge with a helical joint, causing the doors to rise as it opens.

Carvings of poor and meaningless design.

A board upon which the work is set out full size, and from which the stuff is set out in preparation for construction. Usually only used on more complex work, once the job is complete the rod is either sanded or painted white to remove the markings out and then reused when required.

The constructional timbers that support the covering of a building.

Roof Truss
The framed constructional timbers of a roof.

Rose Window
A circular window with radiating mullions.

A building circular in plan.

Router (Right)
A woodworking tool for cutting mouldings, rebates, grooves etc into timber. The Router bits or cutters are interchangeable meaning the types of mouldings that can be cut with a router are practically limitless.Possibly the most versatile of all woodworking electric hand-tools.

Rowey Grain
The grain of several Hardwoods which is speckled or dotted in appearance.

The bearers upon which an object slides. The supports for a drawer.


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