Perry Kick Over Stable Latch – Galvanised

240mm/ 9 1/2" Kick Over Stable Latch enables hands free opening of stable doors by use of foot.

Perry Safety Gate Hook And Eye

150mm / 6" Safety gate hook and eye Designed to prevent the opening of gates by animals.

Perry Self Locking Auto Gate Catch & Striker Pin

The self locking auto gate catch automatically secures the gate closed once pulled shut, no more fiddling with latches on closing the gate, just pull the gate closed behind you on your way through and you're done. Combine with a gate spring and you don't even have to pull the gate closed behind you to engage the catch! If you're more of an equestrian person then it's worth considering our 'hunting type self locking auto gate catches' as these allow opening of the gate without having to dismount from your horse. The self locking auto gate catch can also be locked with a padbolt (not supplied) by way of a pre-drilled hole through the latch plate. The self locking auto gate catch comes with striker pin and all fixings.

Perry Spring Load Animal Bolt 12mm – Bright Zinc Plated

The Spring loaded bolt is used to secure doors and gates within the equestrian and agricultural industry hence the alternate name of Spring Loaded Animal Bolt. Supplied with staple receiver. 12mm ( 1/2") refers to the diameter of the bolt.

Plain Ring Gate Latches

Plain handled ring gate latch in a black, galvanised, black on galvanised or satin marine grade stainless steel finish. Available in three sizes of 125mm/5", 150mm/6" and 175mm/7". All ringlatches feature a rose of 58mm diameter. Fixings (screws) available as an optional extra for the black and galvanised latches. Both the black on galvanised and stainless steel come with fixings as standard.

Rising Field Gate Hinge Sets

Rising field gate hinge sets are ideal for uneven bumpy ground or driveways that rise and would otherwise stop your gates from opening. Suitable for hanging the gates from a 3" /75mm post, the rising hinge sets include all fixings. Available in one size of a 24"/600mm top hinge and in a galvanised finish only.

Slip Rail Brackets

The slip rail brackets allow easy removal of a single fence rail to provide simple access to paddocks, stables and grazing areas. The fence rail (not supplied!) sits within the two U shaped brackets. One of the two brackets has a simple gravity latch that drops into a notch cut into the fence rail to stop accidental removal of the fence rail. The slip rail brackets are to suit 4" x 2" (100mm x 47mm) fence rails. Supplied with fixings.

Sprung Slide Bolts for Metal Gates

12" / 300mm Sprung slide bolt for metal gates Supplied with the pin and washer loose ready for fitting. Galvanised finish.

Surface Gate Latch Sets

A simple 180mm / 7 inch surface mounted gate latch for lightweight gates and doors. Available in a choice of black powder coated finish or hot dip galvanised finish. Contains- Latch, receiver and keep. Fixings are available as an optional extra.

Throw Over Gate Loops

Throw over gate loops available in black or galvanised finish, suitable for 3" (75mm thick gates) & one version for 2" (50mm) thick gates. Available as standard throw over loops for 3" (75mm thick gates) in 6" (150mm), 14" (355mm) & 18" (450mm) With lifting handle in 14" (355mm) & 18" (450mm) and a lockable galvanised throw over loop at 18" (450mm). For 2" (50mm) thick gates then it's the 12" (300mm) version only.

Throw over loops for metal gates

Throw over gate loops suitable for metal field gates. Choose from 4 versions - Lockable 860mm, flat sided 750mm (non lockable), 660mm Lift & Slide (non lockable) & 350mm (non lockable) Simply bolt onto gates. Galvanised finish.

Twisted Handle Ring Gate Latches

Perry Twisted handle ring gate latch in a choice of black or galvanised finish. Available in three sizes of 125mm/5", 150mm/6" and 175mm/7", all on a 58mm diameter round rose. Screws, to fit the gate latch can be supplied as an optional extra.