Surface Gate Latch Sets

A simple 180mm / 7 inch surface mounted gate latch for lightweight gates and doors.

Available in a choice of black powder coated finish or hot dip galvanised finish.

Contains- Latch, receiver and keep.


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Surface mounted gate latches are a very simple latch that can be used on lightweight doors and gates.

Unlike a ringlatch, surface gate latches only fix to one side of the door/gate and can only be operated from the side of the gate/door they are fixed to – unless you’re able to reach over the gate to lift the latch. For this reason Surface gate latches are usually fitted to smaller garden gates rather than the taller courtyard or pedestrian gates.

They can also only be fixed onto the side of the gate where the direction of opening is, i.e. if the gate opens in then the gate latch would fit on the inside.

The surface mounted gate latches are also handed, so you need to select the version required. Left and right handed refers to when looking at the latch the latch handle is on the left hand side on a left handed version and vice versa for the right handed version.

Surface gate latch set comprises a Latch, keep and receiver. Fixings (screws) are available as an additional extra.

If looking for a gate latch that can be operated from both sides, then the simplest would be a Ring Gate Latch here.

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Customer Reviews

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Pauline Hume
l loved what I bought!

I was looking for a gate catch that I liked, something simple, appealing to my eye and not 'run of the mill'. It took a while and I bought a few others (just in case!) before finding these. I love them, their simplicity and just what I hoped to find before nearly giving up. Yeah I know, it's just a gate catch but I'm an artist!!!