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Semi Circular Arched Hardwood Gates

Semi Circular Arched Hardwood Gates

Our Arched headed hardwood gate is a gate to drive your neighbours green with envy!

Featuring a solid full-thickness elegant semi-circular arching head, the gate makes a real impact and for a magnificent entrance to your property or garden; this is guaranteed to provide you with many favourable comments, and a few envious thoughts!

The arched gate, is the fully-boarded pedestrian gate in Meranti (Hardwood).

The rear view of our Arched headed gate, showing the strength and craftsmanship we put into all of our gates, is shown below along with an open boarded version of the semi circular arched gates.

semi circular arched headed gate meranti
Front view of our semi circular arched headed gate
Rear view of our semi circular arched gate showing the beautiful arching head
Our Semi circular arched gates shown from the rear. Pictured in Meranti. Click to enlarge the image
Open boarded version of our popular arched gates, pictured in Idigbo
Open boarded version of our semi circular arched gates. Pictured in Idigbo. Please click to enlarge image.

Like these gates? Why not get a personalised costing to suit YOUR requirements?

We can manufacture you an arched gate to suit either an existing arched opening or one that has yet to be built
We can manufacture you an Arched headed gate to fit either an existing opening or one yet to be built. The gate above is fitted within an arched frame. Pictured in Idigbo

An arched gate to fit into a brickwork archway?

We can and do supply our Arched gates to fit within brickwork or stonework archways, however if you have an existing archway it’s not just a case of getting one of our gates and fitting it.A lot of existing arched openings may not be semi circular, in which case the gate may not fit – if you do have an existing archway and it’s not semi circular then we can still make you something to suit but we will need a template/pattern of your opening.

For more details on the template/pattern required please give us a ring on 01745 362444

Semi circular arched gate - specifications

All top edges on any horizontal rails of the semi circular arched gate feature an angled water run off, this stops the build up of moisture on your gates and makes for a longer lifespan. The stiles of the semi circular gates (vertical outer uprights of the gate frame) also have rounded outer edges, this rounding off continues up over the top of the gate.

Available in the following timbers –

  • Prime European Oak (Hardwood)
  • Accoya (Modified Softwood)
  • Idigbo (Hardwood)
  • Meranti (Hardwood)

Construction – Through wedged, morticed & tenoned
Height – Made to measure
Width – Made to Measure
Stiles / Semi circular head – 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ / 70mm x 70mm
Barefaced rails (visible from rear only) – 2 3/4″ x 1 7/8″ / 70mm x 48mm
Boarding – 3 3/4″ x 5/8″ / 95mm x 15mm

Looking for other Arched gates, why not try the following?

Semi circular arch Guide Prices

The semi circular arch gate guide prices are based on single gate size of 6ft high x 3ft overall wide (approx 1830mm high x 915mm wide), these are NOT from prices, smaller gates will be more economical etc – contact us for a price! All prices are correct time of insertion and are EX VAT. Free delivery to most parts of the UK mainland is included – exclusions do apply, again please contact us.

For semi circular arched postern style gates (gates that will fit into an arched brick opening), please contact us for guide prices.

Our semi circular arched gate is only manufactured in Hardwood and Accoya.

Meranti – Hardwood £724

Used as a Mahogany substitute. Can vary in colour from a pinky red to dark red colour.Can be painted or stained.
Approx weight guide 550-710 KG/M3

Accoya – Modified Softwood £1313

The most longer lasting timber on the market! Doesn’t absorb water so doesn’t rot, also as water is not absorbed then any movement within the timber is minimal! Ideal even for the most challenging enviroments. Timber is guaranteed for 50 years againts rot and decay. Recommended ironmongery and fixings for Accoya is Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Can be painted or stained.
We use Grade A1 Accoya specially sorted with few knots.
Approx weight guide 510KG/M3

Idigbo – Hardwood £782

A plain light brown timber which gives the Oak look but without the Oak price tag. As strong as English Oak. Also known in the trade as ‘poor mans oak’.Can be stained, however avoid painting.
Approx weight guide 560 KG/M3

European Oak – Hardwood £1431

Oak needs no introduction, appearance wise it is a light yellow to brown colour. We use the Prime grade of European Oak with fewer knots for unbeatable strength and maximum wow factor! Recommended fixings for Oak is Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
Can be stained, as with Idigbo avoid painting.
Approx weight guide 720 KG/M3

Get a personalised costing

Hankering after our Arched headed gates? To get a personalised costing on our Hardwood semi circular arched headed gates please use the form below. Alternatively you can also give us a ring on 01745 362444.
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  • Please let us know the either the height and width of the gate required or size of the opening.
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