Free timber to Hawarden High School

If you’ve been reading our blog, or following us on social media, then you’re probably aware that for the last few months, we’ve been giving away our offcuts to local schools and colleges for use in woodworking class and hopefully to help the next generation of carpenters and joiners to get their first experience of working with timber.

The latest school to benefit from our offcuts of timber is Hawarden High School in Flintshire and here, thanks to David Owen and Mark Kenny, we get to see what they’ve made from the timber!

Are you a Joiner, Carpenter, or Woodworker?

If so, and you’re based in North Wales, and you have offcuts of timber to spare, then what are you waiting for?

Hawarden High School minibus full of timber

We’re going to need a bigger boat minibus!

Please do get in touch as it’s very much us on our own with a still MASSIVE list of schools all desperately in need of timber! You can get in touch with us using the contact form here.
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The ultimate guide to buying a wooden gate that lasts!

There are a wide range of different types of wooden gates on the market: hardwood or softwood gates, ledged gates, morticed and tenon jointed gates, dowelled morticed and tenon jointed gates, through-wedged morticed and tenon jointed gates, standard sized, made to measure…the list is endless. So what should I look for when choosing the right wooden gate, I hear you ask?

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Bespoke wooden gates with raised panels

From time to time, as we are making a bespoke gate, (by bespoke I mean a gate made to our customer’s own design, rather than a made to measure gate from our own range of gates), we like to show you exactly goes into one of them so you can get an idea how we make them and the quality to expect in everything we produce. So once again, we’re going to have a look at a bespoke wooden gates with raised panels; if you don’t know what raised panels are, then all will be revealed!

These gates were influenced by our St Asaph driveway gates, which are part of our standard range of made to measure gates, but the customer saw our ‘customise your gates’ page and decided to go for something a bit different and we were given this sketch to work with…

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Bespoke wooden Victorian gates

As well as our range of standard designs of wooden gates which we make to measure, we also manufacture bespoke gates, i.e. gates made to your own designs.

Usually, these are based on sketches or pictures that are sent in to us.

These can be to suit existing gates our customers already have when they want something that matches, or they’ve seen something they like elsewhere and would like something similar, or for people in period properties that want something sympathetic to the style of house they live in. Here we look at some wooden Victorian gates we recently manufactured.

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Who knows what goes on behind (new) closed (garage) doors?

Their eyes met across a crowded (glazing) bar, ‘Can I get you a drink?’ he said.
‘I’ll have a gin and slim,’ she said, before adding, ‘I’m watching my figure.’ (It’s made to measure).
He was tall, well-built (through wedged, morticed and tenon joints) and tanned.
‘Are you local?’ she asked.
‘From just down the road in Conway,’ he smoothly (planed) replied.
‘Fancy going back to my place?’ he asked, running his fingers over her finely shaped frame (work).
‘Yes’ she urged living for the moment for once in her life,
‘What do they call you?’ he enquired,
‘They call me Aber,’ she softly sighed, as she leaned in closer to him and noticed his chiseled good looks and freshly-cut pine aroma before adding ‘and you?’,
‘I’m a man of mystery,’ replied the tall, transome handsome stranger….

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Free timber for schools? Well, we’re trying our best!

As the school terms across the Country start once again I thought I’d do a brief update on the timber for schools thing we have been trying to do.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone as well as we had hoped and, to be honest, more than likely the whole thing highlights the reason why education in Wales is so backward – and it’s nothing to do with the hardworking teachers throughout Wales!

Picture of a wall

This is what it has felt like recently talking to the local councils

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Free timber to Denbigh High School

If you’ve read any of our Facebook posts, Tweets or bits of our blog recently you’ll have seen us mentioning that we’re giving away free wood to local high schools to help with their woodworking classes.

The first school who took advantage of the free timber was Denbigh High School, but what do they make these days in woodwork in schools?

Mr Jones (or Sir to the kids!) of Denbigh High School’s CDT/Woodworking Dept. has been kind enough to share some of the recently made projects in the form of pictures below.

Get involved!

If you’re a local North Wales woodworker reading this and think ‘That’s great I want to giveaway scrap wood’ then please get in touch using the form here as we’ve a massive list of schools covering four Counties all looking for wood – it doesn’t have to be MASSIVE pieces they will in most cases plan what they are making to suit the timber they’ve got, do it for the kids!

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We’ve created a bit of a stir

Since we offered local schools free timber for their woodworking departments we’ve created a bit of a stir, so thought I’d share a few of the comments we’ve been getting with you! [Read more…]